Dawson Creek

April 14, 2017
Posted by: autoworld

Welcome to Mile Zero! Dawson Creek is the point of origin of the Historic Alaska Highway, which stretches 2,400 km north to Fairbanks in Alaska.

When the geologist, George Mercer Dawson, led his survey party through the area in 1879, he was delighted with the fertility of the land and its attractive scenery. The first permanent white settler established his homesite in 1907.

The Northern Alberta Railway built its terminus east of Dawson Creek in 1931. Not to be thwarted by this, the folk of Dawson Creek moved their buildings, both domestic and commercial, to the area near the railhead, the present location of the townsite. By 1941, the village population had reached over 500. That year, because of the bombing of Pearl Harbour, the Americans realized the need for a western transportation route to Alaska that was not dependent upon waterways.

Starting in March 1942, and working swiftly from both ends, American Engineer Troops (10,000) and construction gangs under civilian contractors (6,000) completed the Alaska Highway in November 1942. Overnight, Dawson Creek mushroomed into a boomtown.

Wide blue skies and the seemingly endless rolling foothills of the Northern Rockies dominates Dawson Creek. The town is a major transportation centre for the surrounding area, much of which is agricultural. Many of Dawson Creek’s residents are dependent on agriculture for their economy, and Dawson Creek honey is a much sought-after treat. Honey is available at the Farmer’s Market, along with a selection of farm produce, on Saturdays from May to September.

This is a friendly city, and the community is well known for the hospitality afforded the constant stream of visitors who stop to access the services of The Mile Zero City before beginning the great trek north.

Population: 11,615

Location: The Alaska Highway begins in the Mile 0 City, Dawson Creek, and traverses almost 1,000 km of diverse terrain before the traveller enters the Yukon Territory. Dawson Creek is located in the Peace River Regional District, about 41 miles (65 km) southeast of Fort St John, 258 miles (412 km) northeast of Prince George, 717 miles (1,198 km) north of Vancouver, and 78 miles (125 km) west of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

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