Fort St John BC

Fort St John

May 29, 2017
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The oldest non-native settlement in British Columbia, Fort St. John sits on a plateau north of the Peace River, amongst some of the finest farmland in the province.

Archaeological discoveries show evidence of Paleo Indian occupation of the area around Charlie Lake dating back 10,500 years, making the region the oldest Native settlement site in British Columbia.

The town’s history dates back to Alexander Mackenzie’s arrival in 1793. Construction of the Rocky Mountain Fort by the North West Company commenced the following year, on the first of six sites chosen for the town of Fort St. John. Fur traders, explorers and homesteaders followed, settling into this vast, remote and rugged region. The company’s dominance of the region’s fur trade ended with its amalgamation with the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1821. Gold was discovered along the banks of the Peace River in 1861.

The laying down of the Alaska Highway, in a record nine months in 1942, brought about great changes in the northern communities of BC. Nearly 2,400 km of gravel roadway was constructed from Dawson Creek to Alaska, providing quicker access for the US military to their northern state during the Second World War.

Incorporated as a city in 1975, Fort St. John is now the largest city on the Alaska Highway, and in Northeastern BC, and is the transportation and service hub for the area. Known as the Energy Capital of BC, Fort St. John is a busy, modern town that popped up with the expansion of the oil and gas industries in this unique prairie region, the only one in British Columbia. Grain and oilseed are important industries in this the most northerly agricultural region in Canada. Forestry and hydroelectric power add to this resource-rich community.

Fishing, excellent year-round sports facilities, and a strong local arts community meet the needs of everyone.

Population: 18,270

Location: Fort St. John is located in beautiful Northern British Columbia, 300 miles (478 km) northeast of Prince George (5-hour drive) and 773 miles (1,237 km) north of Vancouver (14-hour drive). Fort St. John is situated near the border with neighbouring Alberta, 134 miles (214 km) west of Grande Prairie, Alberta (2½-hour drive)

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