McBride BC


May 29, 2017
Posted by: autoworld

Nestled between the rugged Canadian Rockies and the snowcapped Cariboo Mountains, McBride lies in the beautiful Mount Robson Valley, where the mighty Fraser River flows.

Since its earliest days, McBride has been an active and vibrant centre. Following in the footsteps of trappers and prospectors came railway construction workers. With the construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway came settlers, with all the reasons in the world to stay amid the peaks of the Rocky Mountain Trench, with its mild climate, good soil, abundance of water and rugged beauty.

Formerly known as Railway Siding 39, McBride was established in 1913, and was named in honour of the premier at the time, Sir Richard McBride (1903-1915). Following the Second World War, the developing timber and agriculture industries attracted more people to the Robson Valley.

McBride provides countless opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors in all seasons. Hiking trails in the mountains offer a day excursion or an overnight stay in one of the backcountry cabins in the Ozalenka and Eagle Valleys. Take advantage of the many nearby creeks for fishing, canoeing and bird watching.

Plan your summer route to Alaska to include a stop along the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16), and discover the lush valley, spectacular mountain ranges, and the friendly people waiting for you in McBride.

Population: 745

Location: McBride is located on the Yellowhead Highway 16, 131 miles (210 km) east of Prince George, 75 miles 120 km) west of the Alberta border, and 104 miles (166 km) west of Jasper, Alberta.

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