That Sleazy Used Car Salesman

June 6, 2017
Posted by: autoworld

It must be one of the biggest stereotypes around..“That Sleazy Used Car Salesman.” It‘s even an easy Halloween costume, just put on a cheap suit and grease your hair back and Voila!

So why do they get such a bad rap? Well, probably because they deserved it! Let’s face it; the used car business hasn’t been the most honest industry around. When you are investing a large sum of money to get you and yours around safely, it’s personal.

It happens at our car lot every day, the sales staff sees a customer out perusing the lot looking for great deals, they decide to go out and introduce themselves and see if there is anything they can help with and BAM… “JUST LOOKING!!!”  is snapped at them while the customer briskly heads the other way.

Now, you can’t blame people for the fear they have of being swindled by one of those crooked car salesmen, but I hope to give you some food for thought and hopefully change your opinion of the used car industry.

There has to be a change of attitude when dealing with car sales people because the used car industry has changed. Let’s keep up with the times.

Firstly, times have changed; consumers are more educated than ever before. With the help of the internet, knowledge is easily accessible by everyone and anyone in any business is aware of this. No one is trying to hide anything anymore, it’s pointless.

 Secondlyhow do you feel when you go into a store and there is not a single knowledgeable staff member to be seen? Consumers are much more demanding than ever before, they want help NOW. Realize that that sales person who comes to say hello is doing just that, providing you with knowledge and service.

Thirdly, yes the car sales person is probably working on a commission of some sort. No, this shouldn’t cause you to respect them any less. Not every car lot operates a high pressure commission environment. Plus, does it bother you that the lady at the electronic store where you bought your camera works on commission? Or, the guy that sold you your washer and dryer?  Probably not, and it shouldn’t. Just like it shouldn’t make a difference on the car lot. Almost all sales staff work on commission, this doesn’t make them less helpful or less knowledgeable.

Fourthlysales people are people too. How would you like to go to work every day knowing that you want to do your best to help others and know that the majority of people have a bad opinion of you without even knowing you?  Think of how nerve wracking it would be to go introduce yourself to potential customers and fear that they already have a preset opinion of you as a crook.

Fifthly, who would want to have unhappy customers? When helping customers pick out a vehicle, sales staff genuinely wants their customers to be happy all around. As I stated earlier, times have changed. Not only can customers research via the internet, they can also share their experiences quickly and easily with social media. When running a business it’s always best to have people beaming with pride over their purchase and experience.  A good dealership will want their reputation to keep their customers coming back and referring their friends and family too.

Sixth, keep in mind that the car industry is one of the only industries that have their customers being dishonest when trying to make a deal. That’s right, the customers aren’t always honest. Because of the past reputation set by “Sleazy used car salesmen” customers are on guard trying to protect themselves by not always divulging truthful information, and. Who. Can. Blame. Them.  But it does make it hard to really help people to get the best deal.

 So, with all this being said, next time you decide to check out our car lot I hope you will leave the stereotype’s behind. The best way to look for a car is to be open, friendly and honest, just like you would like us to treat you. It’s okay if you are “just looking!” It’s okay if you are nervous. Realize that the sales staff are here to help you, they want you to have a purchase that makes you happy, fit’s your lifestyle and doesn’t take you to the cleaners with insane payments.

Now realize that I can only speak on our behalf, this is how we operate. I would hope the other car dealerships would have their businesses run this way too.

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